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First Fountain Pen

I couldn’t help myself when I was browsing through the people I follow on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.  I knew I wanted a fountain pen, but it was a matter of which one.  Price was a large factor as well as my personal taste.  Any thing purple, black, galaxy, silver where what caught my eye as I searched for my first fountain pen.  This particular pen caught my eye with the abalone colors that I knew I would keep staring at that could possibly keep me from writing.  My first fountain pen would be the one I would always be drawn to.  Thanks to fountain pen converters, such as this one from Lanxivi, I am able to change the color of ink as desired.

Got Journaling?

This is classified as a beginner fountain pen.  Fine nib fountain pens are my preference because of the ‘fine’ lines they create while I am journaling or making notes.  There is something to writing down my thoughts and feelings as the day progresses.  I have a leather bound journal cover which contains inserts that I have created.  The inserts help me keep track of my daily tasks, homeschool work completed, and even prayers to keep with me. There are benefits to journaling that many people are unaware of. Taking time to sit down and write in your journal is quite therapeutic. I highly recommend that you journal every day. It has an amazing calming effect that seems to permeate my entire day.

My Tools

Every journaler has to have the right tools to ensure that their writing experience is everything that they want it to be. These items below are just a small portion of my arsenal of journaling tools. I am going to create a complete series of blog posts where I will share all of my tools, experiences, and methods associated with journaling. The first step is, of course, to get the correct writing instrument.

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