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What was your source?

My desire for art really came from a YouTube video suggestion.  Bible Journaling.  What a way to apply my desire for studying God’s word and the secret desire for art that I never thought I could do.  Art is what I believe to be something that everyone wants to do but are usually too intimidated because they believe that they are ‘not artistic enough’ and so they never even try to go beyond drawing stick figures.  Rebekah R Jones was just beginning to post how-to videos as she was discovering Bible journaling herself.  She gave me a great foundation of knowledge to apply visions of God’s word decorated into my newly purchased Bible journal.

Writing, Drawing, & Painting in a Bible…?

The first problem I knew that was common is it’s “so pretty” and “I don’t want to mess it up.”  All I can say is “just do it.”  Take a leap of faith.  Find an image and trace it on the corresponding page/verse and add color!  Use flowers, butterflies, patterns (like honeycombs), sunsets, rainbows, or a word or phrase… anything that helps you to remember the meaning of the passage to make it permanent in your heart.  So when you flip through you will remember and realize that the mistakes you have made in creating each image will disappear with the beauty of what the bottom line is.  I have some that I don’t care much for but I know that the meaning is more important.  Then I come across the favorite ones and I see how I have grown in my talent and in understanding the Word.

The Sources of My Ideas

My ideas came from many different sources.  At first it was YouTube videos of Bible Journaling, sermons, devotionals, other bible studies, reading on my own, or even once I took a walk one morning I saw a bird perched on top of a tree that it looked like it was floating so I painted it when I got home. Also I wanted to show God’s power by coloring a sun in the sky to represent how he kept the sun still for a day, or hand writing on the wall representing another way God spoke.  Sometimes I just added color to a page and wrote my thoughts in the margin.  There are also many that I have copied from other people because their work was so beautiful.  Some artists provide templates that may be free or purchased.  In the past couple of years there have been some books published to help with Bible journaling.

Got God?

Go dig in to God’s word with the creativity that is waiting to come from you.  Take the jump to make beginner mistakes in your journal and let the ideas flow. 

Here are some of the items I have used to start journaling:


Watercolors (best when Gesso is used)    

Gel Pens     

Suggested Books:

Complete Guide to Bible Journaling    

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